How Brands SHOULDN’T Start the New Year

I love seeing how brands begin the year. What “fresh starts” they want to make and all the ways they strive to inspire and support our fresh starts and resolutions, one email at a time. This year is going to be GREAT! [Order NOW!]

The challenge is, we’re not fresh-starting with brands. In fact, that not the goal of a brand. Brands seek to create an ongoing cumulative experience that engages the customer on their journey, wherever that journey might be.

Unfortunately, some of these journeys aren’t currently in the best health. If a customer had a bad experience with a brand last year, why would you send them just another This-Year-Is-Going-To-Be-Amazing email, especially given all the ways technology, CRM’s, and lists can be segmented, automated, and customized?

What if every customer that had a support ticket in the last 6 months got a different email? Instead of treating them like every other customer, what if they received an email that recognized their experience and committed to make it better? What if they got a message that engaged them where they are, not where the brand wishes they were?

“Hey, so we let you down last year. We cop to that, and we’re really sorry. This year, we’ll do you better.”

Brand loyalty is built on a trust that needs will be met. Fail in that, and loyalty bends. Pretend that trust hasn’t already been compromised, and the result is not mistrust, but trust built in the brand’s inability to deliver value.